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Ministry of Formation/Ministerio de Formación


Adult Confirmation

Using an adult lesson model, this ministry teaches our faith to those 18 or older who have received baptism and Eucharist but have not been confirmed. Attendees are confirmed at a special liturgy arranged by the Bishop’s office. Dcn John Kortuem: 925-698-6362


Baptism Preparation/Preparación Bautismal

Baptism Preparation helps parents and godparents understand their responsibilities regarding the sacrament of baptism. It stresses the duty of the parents in the ongoing faith formation of the child.
La Preparación Bautismal ayuda a los padres y padrinos a enterder sus responsabilidades sobre el sacramento del bautismo. El énfasis es en el deber de los padres sobre la formación constande de fe de su niño(a)
Dcn Ron Horan, 925-963-6501 Teresa Flores, 925-354-7535


Children’s Liturgy of the Word/Escuelita Biblica para Ninos los Domingos

Pre-school children enjoy crafts, Bible stories and videos in Luke and John during the 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM Masses. Parents willing to assist teachers and always welcome.
Los niños pre-escolares disfrutan de las artes manuals, historias de la Biblia y videos en las aulas durante las Misas de 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM. Los padres dispuestos a ayudar a los maestros siempre son bienvenidos.
English: Linda Kortuem, 925-634-4154 ex 117 Español: Emilia Rodriguez, 925-679-1874


Youth Confirmation

This two-year program helps prepare high school students for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Parents and other adult volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. Julie Figueroa, 925-634-4154 ex 107


Faith Formation (CCD)/Catecismo (Doctrina)

CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) provides religious education to Catholic children attending secular schools. In CCD the children learn about Jesus, Scripture and their Catholic Faith. They are also prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession) and the Eucharist (Holy Communion).
Catecismo provee educación religiosa a los niños Católicos que van a escuelas seculars. En Catecismo, los niños aprenden sobre Jesús, Escrituras y su Fe Católica.
English: Linda Kortuem, 925-634-4154 ex 117 Español: Martha Galvez, 925-634-4154


Lighthouse Catholic Media

Bilingual adult catechesis, using CDs and brochures for purchase.
Catequesis para adultos bilingüe, usando CDs y folletos en venta.
Bob Schumaker, 925-634-2723


Marriage and Engaged Ministry/Preparación Matrimonial

This ministry offers formation, enrichment and support to married, engaged and discerning couples. It is structured to build the church and the culture.
El ministerio ofrece enriqueciemiento de la formación y el apoyo a las parejas casadas, parejas comprometidas. Esta estructurado para construir la iglesia y cultura.
English: Joe & Peggy Murray, 925-297-7282 Español: Alonso & Lety Martinez, 952-240-7854


Neocatechumenal Way/Camino Neocatecumenal (Español)

El rediscubriniento del bautismo vivida en pequeñas comunidades donde vamos rediscubriendo la liturgia y las Eucaristia Español: Ana y Joaquin Barreto, 925-628-1290


Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA)/Rito de Iniciación para Cristiano.

Rite of Initiation for Christian Adults (RICA)Rito de Iniciación de Cristiano Adulto Open to those inquiring about the Catholic faith and for Catholics needing to receive sacraments they missed as children or upon return to the Church. Teachers, comfortable in instruction of the faith, companions and sponsors are needed to provide education, hospitality, support and facilitation at gatherings and to guide catechumens on their faith journey.
Abierto a los inquisitivos acerca de la fe católica y para los católicos que necesitan recibir los sacramentos que se perdieron cuando eran niños o al regresar a la iglesia. Profesores competentes en la enseñanza de la fe. Se necesitan compañeros y patrocinadores para proporcionar hospitalidad educación, apoyo y facilitacion en las reuniones y para guiar a los catecúmenos en su camino de fe.
English: Dcn John & Linda Kortuem 925-625-4131, Español: Virginia Chavez, 925-516-4369

Ministry of Liturgy/Ministerio de la Liturgia

Altar Servers/Monaguillos
The Altar Servers assist the priests during all Masses (English, Spanish and Latin). This ministry is open to both girls and boys for the English and Spanish Masses and boys only for the Latin Mass. All interested must have received their First Communion.
Los Monaguillos le ayudan al sacerdote durante todas las Misas (Inglés y Español y Latin). Este ministerio está disponible para niños y niñas para las Misas en Inglés y Español y solamente para niños para la Misa en Latin. Todos los interesados tienen que haber recibido su primera communion.
English y Español Masses, Tim Guernsey, 240-0501 Latin Mass, Carlos Zepeda, 382-2154


Altar Society/Sociedad del Altar

The Altar Society’s main objectives are to cherish and promote devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament. This committee ensures the altar and chapel areas are clean, orderly and appropriately decorated for the liturgical season. The committed members meet on a quarterly basis.
Los objetivos de esta Sociedad es para promover devoción al Santisimo Sacramento y para asegurar que las areas del Altar y de las capilla esten limpias ordenadas y propiamente decoradas para la temporada liturgica.
English: Connie Simon 925-308-4377 Español: Tina Vasquez, 925-848-7472


Baptism Coordinators/Coordinadores de Bautizmos

Baptism Coordinators assist the priest or deacon in assuring the sacramental service and arrangement is set up and families are seated together. We assist the Baptism liturgies in assuring the sacramental celebration for their children is a grace filled experience for all.
Los Coordinadores de Bautizo asisten al sacerdote o diacono para la celebracion sacramental . Asegurando el servicio y arreglos sacramentales esten configurados y las familias esten sentados juntos. Ayudamos con la liturgia del Baustizo asegurando la celebracion sacramental de sus niños sea una experiencia llena de gracia para todos.
English:Patricia Brittain, 925-516-9037 Español: Sr. Guadalupe, 925-513-8154



All adults/children are encouraged to join one of the five adult choirs or the children’s choir. (English, Spanish, Filipino, Latin, Funeral and Youth)
Todos los adultos/niños(as) están invitados a unirse a uno de los cinco coros ó el coro de jóvenes (Inglés, Español, Filipino, Latin, Funeral y Jóvenes)
Ed Magistrado, 925-634-4154


Environment Ministry

The role of this ministry includes choosing and decorating the seasonal displays in the church, maintaining the plants year round and designing floral arrangements. Seasonal set up covers Advent, Christmas, Lenten, Easter and Ordinary Time environments. Nona Cornejo, 925-752-8250


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist/Ministros Extraordinarios de Eucaristia

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the priest and deacon with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ during mass. The minister must be in full communion with the Church and must be Confirmed.
Ministros Extraordinarios de Eucaristia, le ayudan al sacerdote y diácono con la distribución del Cuerpo y Sangre de Cristo durante la Misa. Ministros Extraordinarios tienen que estar en communion total con la Iglesia y estar Confirmados.
English: Linda Kortuem, 925-634-4154 Ex 117 Español: Emilia Rodriguez, 925-679-1874

For the latest Extraodinary Ministers of the Eucharist schedule, click here.



Greeters create a welcoming environment before Mass by offering a friendly greeting as parishioners and visitors enter the church. They also distribute bulletins and special collection envelopes.
Saludaros crean un ambiente acogedador antes de la misa. Ofreciendo un saludo amistoso cuando feligeses y visitantes entran a la Iglesia. Tambien distribuyen voletines y sobres de colecta especial.
English: Carol Rojo, 925-437-8710 Español: Abierto

For the latest Greeters schedule, click here.


Home Ministers of Communion/Ministros de la Eucaristia para los Enfermos

Home Ministers of Communion are needed to ensure homebound or ill parishioners receive the Eucharist.
Se necesitan voluntarios para llevar la Sata Eucaristia a nuestros hermanos que esten enfermos ono pueden asistir a Misa.
Lisa Ellingston/Donna Coker, 925-625-4154



These men and women proclaim the Scriptures during Mass. Lectors require good reading and speaking skills.
Estos hombres y mujeres proclaman las Escituras duranted la Misa. A los Lectores se les require que tengan Buena habilidad para hablar y leer.
English: Pat Hoffner, 634-4007 Español: Emilia Rodriguez, 925-679-1874

For the latest Lectors schedule, click here.



Ushers are liturgical ministers who assure the comfort of the assembly and who perform various functions during the liturgy. These include: seating people as they enter, selecting family’s to present the offerings, managing the offerings from the people of God and directing people to the appropriate Eucharistic Ministers.
Los usuarios son ministros litúrgicos que aseguran la comodidad de la Asamblea y que realizan diversas funciones durante la liturgia. Estos incluyen: plazas al entrar, seleccionar familia de presentar las ofertas, gestionar las ofertas desde el pueblo de Dios y dirigir gente a los ministros Eucarísticos apropiados.
English:Marc DeMarce, 925-634-4154 Español: Eulogio Oseguera, 925-634-2742


Ministry of Prayer/Ministerio de Oración


Vacation Bible School

This week long summer program leads children to a greater understanding of their faith in a fun and interactive way. A large number of adult and youth volunteers are needed to planning, teaching, games, decorating, arts and crafts, snacks, music, set up and clean up. Teresa Bustos, 925-240-1944


Youth Group Ministry all ages 9 and up/Ministerios de jovenes 9 en adelante

This ministry offers youth an opportunity to gather for social, spiritual and prayerful group gatherings that enrich their Catholic faith.
Este ministerio ofece a los jóvenes una oportunidad para juntarse y socialisarse, espiritual en un grupo fervoso convivencial que los llenara de su fe Católica.
Overall: Julie Figueroa, 925-634-4154 ex 107 Español Teens: Sr Maury, 925-513-8154 English Younger Youth: Clarisa Spect, 925-516-1707


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament/Adoracion del Santisimo Sacramento

Spending time in meditation, prayer, and adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament is an excellent opportunity to experience grace in our lives. Adoration is conducted in the chapel two days a week: Thursday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Fridays from 9:00 AM until Saturday at 8:00 AM. Two adorers are needed for each hour.
Pasando tiempo en meditación, oración y adoración en la presencia del Santisimo es una oportunidad excelente para experimentar gracia en nuestras vidas. Adoración es realizada en la Capilla dos dias a la semana: Jueves de 9:00 AM a 6:00 PM y Viernes de 9:00 AM hasta Sábado a 8:00 AM. Se necesitan dos adoradores por cada hora.
Missionary Sisters, 925-513-8154 Hermanas Misioneras 925-513-8154


Charismatic Prayer Community

Members gather together in the chapel to sing and praise the Lord. We occasionally host Charismatic healing Masses. Come and join us as we pray for one another both at Mass and weekly in our prayer group. Julie Figueroa, 925-513-8155 Lynn Street, 925-337-3191


Divine Mercy/Divina Misericordia

A prayer ministry that gathers regularly to pray the chaplets for those in need of our prayers (for health and help).
Un ministeio de oración que se reúne regularmente para orar la Coronilla por aquellos quienes tienen necesidad de nuestras oraciones (por salud y ayuda).
English: Nona Cornejo, 925-339-9037 Español: Carmen Chavez, 925-230-5475


Legion of Mary/Legión de María

This is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Church, devoted to the Blessed Mother, and aims to meet the needs of the parish community.
Esta es una gran organizaciÛn apostÛlica de laicos de la Iglesia, devotos a la SantÌsima Virgen cuyo objetivo es satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad parroquial.
English: Lucy Pedroza, 925-634-4154 Español: Carlos Garcia, 510-303-7840


Marian Movement of Priest

Come and Join us on EVERY FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH for the cenacle of the Marian Movement of priests. The group prays the Rosary and offers up the intentions primarily for the Pope, Bishops and priest worldwide. Time and Place: 10 am—Hall C Parish Office, 925-634-4154


Our Lady of Fatima Group

Our group prays the Rosary for Mother Mary’s intercession for world peace and for any concern the group may raise up. We meet every 1st Saturday of the month in the Life Community Center (Library) from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM Tessie Suva,


Prayer Chain/Cadena de Oración

We are a group of parishioners praying for the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Somos un grupo de filigreses que resamos por las necesidades de nuestros hermanos, hermanas en Cristo.
Bilingual/Bilingüe, Elsy Solorzano, 516-7118,


Respect for Life/Respecto a la Vida

This ministry recognizes life as a precious gift from God and is dedicated to defending human life from conception to natural death. The ministry works through prayer and education to change our society to respect life in all forms.
Este ministerio reconoze la vida como un regalo de Dios y es dedicado para defender la vida humana desde la concepcion hasta una muerte natural. Este ministerio trabaja a través de la oración y la educacion para cambiar nuestra sociedad a respetar la vida en todas sus formas.
Tim Guernsey, 240-0501


Ministry to the Community/Ministerio a la Comunidad


All Saints and Angels Carnival / Fiesta de Todos Santos y los Angeles

Please join us as we celebrate All Hallows Eve on October 31st in the Parish Hall. All children and their families are welcome to come and participate in crafts, games and a parade of Saints and Angels! All parish ministries join together to make this a wonderful, free event for the children of our parish. Please call for more information or to volunteer. Por favor acompañenos a celebrar la Fiesta de Todos
Los Santos el 31 de Octubre en el Salón Parroquial. Todos los niños y sus familias son bienvenidas a venir y participar en manualidades, juegos y un desfile de los Santos y los Ángeles! Todos los ministerios de la parroquia se unen para hacer de esto un maravilloso evento gratuito para los niños de nuestra parroquia. Este evento requiere de muchos voluntarios.
Jill Wright, 925-420-6865 Julie Figueroa, 513-8155


Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)/Organización Católica de Jóvenes

The CYO provides an athletic program for the children of the parish community. The program strives to enhance our childrens spiritual, mental and physical development. Parents interested in coaching are always needed.
La Organización Católica para Jóvenes provee un programa comunitario para los niños(as) de la comunidad parroquial. El programa se esfuerza para realzar el desarrollo espiritual, mental y fisico de nuestros niños(as). Padres interesados para entrenar son siempre necesitados.
Bilingual/Bilingüe, Fernando Sanabria, 516-1106


Educated Angels

A ministry that provides free and effective tutoring to middle and high school students struggling in specific subjects. We meet weekly on Monday’s from 4-5:30 PM and freely tutor those in need. Gurijwan Dheliwel –


Family to Family/Familia a Familia

We work directly with local families facing critical challenges to provide social, spiritual and other needed support to assist them in getting back on their feet. We identify resources within the parish and local community to support our efforts, and are thankful for the generosity of individuals, local businesses, and other ministries within the church who volunteer their time, treasure and talent in this very personal ministry of love.
Trabajamos directamente con familias locales que enfrentan desafíos críticos para proporcionar bienestar social, espiritual y cualquier otro apoyo necesario para ayudarles a levantarse. Identificamos recursos dentro de la parroquia y la comunidad local para apoyar nuestros esfuerzos y estámos agradecidos por la generosidad de individuos, negocios locales y otros ministerios dentro de la Iglesia que ofrecen voluntariamente su tiempo, el tesoro y el talento en este Ministerio muy personalizado de amor.
Steve Harris, 634-8688,


Funeral Coordinators/Coordinadores de Funeral

Funeral Coordinators help with the funeral liturgy assisting the presider, families and funeral home in creating a prayerful and comforting church experience for the family and their loved ones. Los
Coordinadores de Funeral ayudan con la liturgia del funeral ayudando al celebrante, familias y la funeraria creando una experiencia de oración y consuelo en la Iglesia para la familia y sus seres amados.
English: Linda Kortuem, 925-634-4154 ex 117 Linda.kortuem@yahoo.comm Español: Hermanas Misioneras 925-513-8154


Gabriel Project/Projecto Gabriel

The Gabriel Project is a parish based ministry that serves any pregnant woman who is feeling alone, afraid or in need of support for herself and her unborn baby.
El projecto Gabriel es un ministerio basado en la parroquia que sierve a cualquier mujer embarazada que se sienta sola con miedo, o con necesidad de apoyo para ella y su bebé por nacer.
Nancy Espinoza, 510-813-1384



We respond to needs of the parish with special events/food and beverages. We also host the “St. Patrick’s Day” event and cater special needs of the parish. We contact new parishioners to bring them into the social setting as parish family members.
Nosotros respondemos a las necesidades de la parroquia con los eventos especiales de alimento/bebidas. También somos anfitriones del evento de San Patricio (St.Patrick) y atendemos las necesidades de la parroquia. Entramos en contacto con los nuevos feligreses para ponerlos en un entorno social como miembros de la famila de la parroquia.
Sandy and Tom Gamble, 625-2612,


IHM Garden Ministry/Ministerio de Jardín

The purpose of this ministry is to grow vegetables and herbs on Immaculate Heart of Mary land to donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, for people in need. Volunteers are needed to plan, plant, water, weed and harvest the crops. The work varies depending on the season of the year. We are guided by a parishioner who is a Master Gardener. We are a project garden of the U.C. Davis Masters Gardeners, officially named Catholic Community Garden of Brentwood.
El proposito de este ministerio es cultivar vegetales y hierbas de olor en el terreno de Immaculate Heart of Mary para ser donados al ministerio de comida de St. Vincente de Paul para ayudar a la gente necesitada. Se necesitan voluntarios para planear, sembrar, regar, quitar las yerbas malas y recoger la cosecha. El trabajo varia dependiendo de la estacion del año. Somos guiados por un feligrés quien es un Maestro de Jardín. Somos un proyecto de jardín de los Maestros de Jardín de la Universidad de U.C. Davis, oficialmente nombrado Jardin Comunitario Católico de Brentwood.
Terri Spano:, Dave Fuller:


IHM Homeschoolers/Escuela en el hogar

We, as a Catholic homeschooling community try to encourage and support one another in our faith and our homeschooling mission. Some of our activities include weekly park days, field trips and classes that mom’s sometimes organize at IHM. Some of our families are enrolled in Private Catholic Academies and many belong to Public Charter schools. While we follow various curriculums and approaches to homeschooling we all benefit from sharing our experiences and ideas with one another. Felba Lewis, 925-215-2847


IHM Tutoring 1, 2, 3/1,2,3 Tutoria IHM

This ministry provides help and support to students in grades 1, 2 & 3 who need a little extra help in reading and math. In English only.
Este ministerio proporciona ayuda y apoyo a los estudiantes en los grados 1,2,3 quiene necesitan un poco de extra ayuda en lectura, matematicas. Solo en Ingles.
Mary Lou Klovee, 925-516-7484 Shirley Bevill, 925-628-3337



The lending library is designed to make available books, videos and audio recordings that encourage prayer and inspiration and provide a deeper understanding of our Catholic faith.
La biblioteca está diseñada para hacer disponibles libros, videos y grabaciones de audio que animan la oración e inspiración y proporcionan una comprensión más profunda de nuestra fe católica.
Mickey DeFalco, 925-634-3492


Little ones of Mama Mary/Los Pequenos de Mama Maria

Do you have a child who is struggling in school? Come learn how to track your child’s progress, keep and review records, ask for and learn about assessments, navigate the Special Education system and more. We meet on Fridays from 9:30 to 11 AM in Luke’s classroom. For more information feel free to contact us.
¿Tienes alguno de tus niños(as) con problemas de aprendizaje en la escuela? Ven y aprende como mantenerte informado sobre el progreso académico de tu hijo(a), mantener y revisar sus archivos escolares, preguntar y aprender sobre lo que es un evaluación académica, navegar el sistema de Educación Especial y mas. Nos reunimos los Viernes de las 9:30 a las 11:00 AM en el salón Luke. Para mas información contáctanos en Internet.
Bilingual/Bilingüe: : or visit our website at: / o visita nuestra pagina de htp://


Ministry of Caring

The Ministry of Caring mission is to be present to all parishioners. We offer one on one counseling for anyone needing help after a loss. We offer grief support groups for widows, widowers, parents who have lost children, Spanish grief support, or through divorce. This ministry also offers classes for families dealing with mental illness. We offer classes in health, human trafficking, educational resources for special children. We represent the parish family at funerals and vigils.
Mary Ann Smith:


Share a Mass

Volunteer parishioners provide door-to-door service driving ambulatory persons to and from mass. Recipients must be flexible in the masses the volunteers attend. Volunteers are required to have a minimum of $100,000; $300,000 liability auto insurance inforce.
Richard Nahm, 240-9885,


St. Vincent de Paul/San Vicente de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul serves the homeless and economically disadvantaged. Through a variety of outreach programs, St. Vincent de Paul provides food, compassion and support to individuals in need.
La Sociedad de San Vicente ayuda a los desamparados y economicamente en desventaja. Por medio de varios programas de ayuda, St. Vincent de Paul provee comida, compasion y apoyo a los individuos en necesidad.
Jack Healey, 634-4154 Español, Oficina Parroquial, 634-4154


Welcoming Committee/Comité de Bienvenida

The Welcoming Committee welcomes new individuals and families to our parish and displays our hospitality by providing an information package about the parish. They host dinners for newcomers to meet active parishioners in a social setting.
El Comite de Bienvenida acoge a individuos y familias nuevas de nuestra parroquia y demuestra nuestra hospitalidad proporcionando un paquete de informacion sobre la parroquia. Ellos patrocinan cenas para los recien llegados para conocerlos como feligreses activos en un ambiente social.
Sandy and Tom Gamble, 625-2612,


Ministry of Spiritual Growth/Ministerio de Crecimiento Espiritual


Catholic Men’s Fellowship

Catholic Men’s Fellowship is a gathering of men who come together for the expressed purpose of growing in our faith and equipping each other to be a Catholic man in today’s society. We use the help of the Holy Spirit and the tools of the church such as Scripture, Theology, Spiritual writings and Church teachings to enlighten us to live and speak the Gospel of God in song and word. Our personal goal is to grow in individual holiness. We are currently looking for a guitarist to lead us in worship.
Dcn Ron Horan, 925-963-6501


Couples/Youth for Christ/FFL [website]

CFC is a movement intended for evangelization and founded on Christian family renewal. It focuses on renewing the family and defending life as well as participating in the work of building the church of the poor.
Nhona Cornejo,

Cursillo Movement

Cursillo is a three-day retreat, sponsored by the Diocese of Oakland. It empowers lay people (men and women) to be more effective Christians. During the retreat you will experience Christian community in a powerful way and you learn how to continue in fellowship after the weekend.
John & Fran Alcorn, 925-634-6934 Bob LaFollette, 925-634-1316


Daughters of Mary

The mission of the Daughters of Mary is to renew Faith and Family through guided prayer and discussion. Prayers is Spiritual formation in the Marian Tradition; Reflection bears incite to the meaning of the Gospel for contemporary women and Renewal of a created culture of faith for family, church and community Kim Wiley, 925-766-1230


Discovering Christ (Returning Catholics)

For those inquiring about your faith, looking to join the Catholic Church or looking to return to the Catholic Church? This is an exciting course designed to help men and women answer these questions. This free course is offered for ten consecutive Thursdays starting at 7pm to 8:30 pm at the parish library: English: Linda Kortuem 925 634-4154 x117


Emmaus/Emaus [website]

Emmaus is a retreat for people seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ. The program gives them an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with God and your community.
Emaus es un ritiro para gente que andan buscando crecer en su relación con Cristo, sin importar su nivel actual de fe y práctica
Lucy Meis:


Men of St. Joseph

A group of Catholic men dedicated to being the Spiritual leaders of our families while becoming the best version of ourselves. We offer a weekly opportunity to gather for group prayer and seeking to know what Christ asks of us by reading and discussing the upcoming Sunday gospel reading.
Mike Wiley, 925-766-4692


Ministerio San José

El Grupo de San José se dedica principalmente a dar conocimiento quien es San José en la iglesia. También, lo llevamos a visitar familias y matrimonios pasando dificultades. Cuando vamos a visitar las familias siempre vamos en matrimonio o en familia para dar ánimo a la familia. Otra misión que hacemos es llevar las comuniones a los mayores de edad que tienen algún impedimento de no poder asistir a misa. Nuestra misión como grupo es representar a nuestro señor San José y dar a conocer sus virtudes. Español: Michelle Garcia


Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Catolico(MFCC-USA)

El MFCC-USA nos ofrece un programa de studio y reflexióm sobre los diferentes aspectos que afectan la vida familiar y las herramientas para enfrentar esas dificultades inspirados en la palabra de Dios. Es una agrupacon de la iglesia católica qur tiene como fin mejorar la vida familiar, desarrollar los valores humanos y cristianos, y fortalecer la unidad familiar.
Antonio y Yolanda Rodriguez, 925-783-3442


Women’s Faith Sharing

A group of women who come together to grow in their faith. We do this through bible study programs, video media and small group sharing. Our purpose is to help one another grow as Catholic Christians and to enhance our friendships. Although we are a Catholic Ministry, all women are welcome.
Carol Horan, 925-516-3701 Ethel Reber, 925-513-7359


Social Outreach/Proyeccion Social


Crafty Quilters

The Crafty Quilters is a social group that raises money for the parish building fund by making arts and crafts, baby items, baked goods, and jams. We meet for fellowship, prayer and support every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall.
Arlene Bifano, 513-4054


Fil-Am Community [website]

The Filipino-American (Fil-Am) Community is a social group that serves God, our parish and the community while preserving the Filipino culture and traditions. Fil-Am meetings are held quarterly from 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Open to all nationalities.
Villa Serrano, 925-890-4317,


Italian Catholic Federation

The Italian Catholic Federation is a non-profit, fraternal, and family oriented organization open to all nationalities. We are dedicated to activities that build family spirit and support the community of IHM.
Jack Bagar, 925-9220


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus are a fraternal service organization of Catholic men, founded under the principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. We welcome all men in the parish.
Frank Silva, 925-719-1413


Ladies Guild

The Ladies Guild is a women’s group dedicated to raising money for the parish. Meetings are held in the John classroom on the third Thursday of each month at 7 PM. Our main fundraiser is our annual “Crab Feed”
Kathy King:


Sociedad de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe/Our Lady of Guadalupe Society

La Sociedad de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe promueve la devocion para Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe por medio de actividades religiosas y culturales. También ayuda a la parroquia con varios eventos sociales ,recaudacion de fondos. El grupo organiza actividades especiales en Diciembre para celebrar la fiesta de la Virgen presentan un acto bilingüe vivo de las Estaciones de la Cruz el Viernes Santo. The Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe promotes devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe through religious and cultural activities. Bilingual/Bilingüe, Maggie DeLuna, 516-2506


Major Parish Events/Grandes eventos de la parroquia


Christmas Concert/Concierto de Navidad

“A Christmas Gala Concert” performed by all IHM Choirs and the Chamber Orchestra on the Saturday before Christmas. Tickets are sold by the choir members and the parish office. Proceeds support the music ministry.
"Un concierto de Gala de Navidad" realizado por IHM todos los coros y la camáras de la orquesta el sábado antes de Navidad. Los boletos son vendidos por los miembros del coro y la oficina parroquial. Los ingresos apoyan al ministerio musical.
Ed Magistrado, 925-634-4154


Emmaus Tea/Te de Emaús

A Vintage Fashion Show offered to the women of the parish as a day away to enjoy the company with friends, old and new alike.
Un desfile de moda de la antiguidad que se ofrece a las mujeres de la parroquia para disfrutar de la compañia de amigas.
Dolores McLean, 925-634-3416


IHM Golf Tournament/Torneo De Golf IHM

Annual parish sponsored fund raiser to address the parish debt. Tournaments take place in June of each year.
Torneos de golf anual patrocinado por la parroquia recauda fondos para hacer frente a la deuda de la parroquia. Los torneos se llevan a cabo en Junio de cada año. F
rank Silva, 925-719-1413 Hal Bray, 925-240-4905


Knights of Columbus Fridays in Lent Fish Fry/Caballeros de Colόn Viernes de Cuaresma Pescado Frito

Annual Fish Fry’s offered during the Friday’s in Lent. During the Friday’s that we are called to abstain from eating meat this is a great opportunity to gather with friends and the community while we focus on what God has done for us.
Los Caballeros de Colόn ofrecen durante la cuaresma pescado frito todos los Viernes que nos tenemos que obstener de comer carne, esta es una gran oportunidad para reunirse con los amigos y la comunidad mientras nos centramos en lo que Dios ha hecho por nosotros.
Frank Silva, 925-719-1413


Tamales Sales Monthly/Venta de Tamales

A monthly fund raiser offered by the Guadalupe Society on the First Saturday of the Month. Sales begin at 3:00 PM in Classroom John.
Cada primer Sabado del mes la Sociedad Guadalupana vende tamales para recaudar fondos.La venta empiesa a las 3:00pm en el salon Juan.
Bilingual/Bilingüe, Maggie DeLuna, 516-2506


Parish Festival/Festival de la Parroquia

Held in October each year, the parish festival offers an opportunity to come together as community. We enjoy good food and drink, entertainment, talent shows, DJs and games.
Llevado a cabo en Octubre cada año, el festival de la parroquia ofrece la oportunidad de reunirse como comunidad. Disfrutamos de buena comida y bebida, concurso de talentos, DJs y juegos.
Parish Office, 925-634-4154

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