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Give God Thanks - Pay Off Debt Celebration
Mt. 25:1-13

My dear family in Christ;

The gospel reading today speaks to us
of wise virgins and foolish virgins,
of wise choices and foolish choices.

A disciple of Jesus is someone
who follows Jesus’ way of life.
It is a lifestyle that we are choosing to live.

Jesus is telling us to watch, be prepared
and patiently wait for the Lord’s return.
Do not be misled into thinking that
just because our Lord delays his coming that we can sleep!

We need to be up and about the Father’s business every day.
We need to strive each day to follow The Way.
We need to find ways to motivate ourselves to be continue to faithful to God.
We need to help and motivate others as much as possible.
We need to carry out the mission of the Lord faithfully until the end.

Indeed, with a willingness to participate, to open ourselves to learn, to serve,
and to love and glorify God’s name, that my dear family, is the wise choice.

The definition of the word ‘wisdom’ means
good judgment, common sense, or intelligence.

Before, I came here a year, two months and 11 days ago,
Father Jerry Brown shared with me
many wonderful stories of YOU – the parishioners at IHM,
who have stepped up to the plate every time the church needed.

What I have learned is that
many of you have good judgment.
Many, many of you have common sense and intelligence.
And many, many, many of you are very generous.

We all want to make a difference, to belong,
and to make our lives really matter.

As Catholics, we are privileged to belong to God.
As members of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church,
we have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of love.

With God’s love, today in 2017 – Nov. 11,
the final phase of “PAY IT OFF”, we burn the mortgage!

Paying off a church mortgage is a major accomplishment.
But, it's not just an ending,
However, it's the beginning
of a new era in our IHM church's history.

I feel so grateful to be here
celebrating this Eucharist of  Thanks with you
on the pay off the DEBT celebration.

I thank the Lord and YOU,
my family at Immaculate Heart of Mary, for your grace and love.
… Thank you for serving.
Thank you for being faithful with your IHM church family through thick and thin.
Thank you very much for your generosity, for paying off the debt.

And last but not least,
thank you for allowing me to be me,
and for accepting me into your hearts and homes.
Let us all continue to support one another by remind one another
to be most grateful to the Lord Jesus
for God’s love, grace and mercy.

“Thank you – gracias, cám ơn, salamat, grazie, mahalo…!
So that …we will continue to put our faith in action;
to put on the spirit of service;
to serve selflessly and wholeheartedly
with our minds, hearts, and soul. 
- Homily, November 11, 2017
Fr. Quang Minh Dong, IHM Pastor



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